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Our Service

Ordering products for a project can be a daunting exercise even for seasoned professionals. A great deal is at stake with budgets in the millions of dollars. 
Newstar Stone's service model is to personally guide your project from enquiry to delivery with highly regarded customer service. 
To make you happy, we are dedicated to completing your project successfully. Our approach is to guide you through the process and make sure you have someone to talk to every step of the way. 
"We don’t just do products, we do projects" , This start to finish approach is encompassed in the "End-to-End Project Solution".

Products Enquiry :
Enquiry help us gauge your specific needs and project scope, ensuring the correct choices are made from the beginning. Working directly with our designers and experienced staff, Newstar Stone pinpoints the most appropriate stone, and best design for each project and talks to customers through each option to provide them with a clear understanding of each step.

Engineering and Quotation:
Once Newstar receives an enquiry, the engineering team creates a set of bid drawings visually describing the products required for a project. Also the Sales Senior and Products Manager prepare accurate competitive price for your bids.

Production and Logistics Management:
Successful delivery is a team effort, bolstered by Strongly producing procedure and streamlined communication, and constant interaction amongst a close-knit newwork of producers and buyers.
1) A Factory manager initiates production once a bid is approved.
2) Clients are updated on the progress of their order throughout the entire production process.
3) The goods are confirmed by top quality through first steps to Deliverys, which checked by Newstar's experienced and strict Quality Inspector.
4) A logistics team schedules freight and delivery dates, and shipped to Jobsites safely.

Customer Support & Service:
Newstar Stone remains available beyond the delivery of products and the customer support & service team is always available to help with questions about installation and performance.  Also we supply big support if products meet problem during transportation and delivery.