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Newstar stone annual production of various types of countertops, vanity tops, window sill, shower panels, which have fixed-size standard (such as countertop 108”X26 ", 96”X36" , 96”X25.5”, etc and vanity tops 22"x25", 22"x31", 22"x37", 22"x 49", 22"x61", 22"x73"), and in the production and supply of the United States related to the hotel countertops with the perfect experience, according to your drawings processing production.

More hotel owner, Contractor, builder, Trademan find us to get countertops, vanity top, tub surround, bathroom vanity and vanity base, ceramic sink, faucets and more bathroom accessories from us directly. As we have rich experience, if you find us, equal finding EASY.
We can help you make solution from color select, Size confirming, also can arrange to your jobsites.
Also we can supply you sample directly.

Newstar stone offer vanity top with integrated ceramic sink as customized package.
1.If you like to use Carton Box packing your vanity, pls find us, we have Rich Experience to do it. Using strong & seaworthy wooden carte, cardboard box and carton with foam box.
2. You can design your Carton Box. We can put your company information, logo, words or something what you want.
3. You can save your shipping cost . Easy to install and fits directly on top of almost any standard vanity cabinet

We prefabricate these vanity with following material:

  • Carton Box

  • Clip

  • Foam Box

  • Sink

How to do with us?

Send us your request, then we can handle all questions and ship our goods to your jobsites safely. We have 17 years rich experiences. Don't worry!

Experience Summary:


  A: Drawing: Newstar will do countertops drawing as customers project, project size need march cabinet, sink, faucet types etc.
 B. Black stone, When using black stone to pay special attention. G684 is not suitable for countertops, it is easy to fade,. Mongolian Black is said to "see light die", cannt to do water sealed .will lead to pots dirty.
  C. Size question, there are a lot of material to be enough to cut a material, so a large number of cases have to use a large slab to count. The most insurance is to have a specific number, size, etc. to re-confirm the purchase price re-confirmed to the guests pricing.
  D. Colors question: stone is natural stone, some times confirm the samples, but stone is not the same each pieces, each countertops will be difference and need accept colors varies, some stone veins and colors varies much, it need to confirm slab looking before order this colors .
  E. Anti-water treatments, for natural stone feature, it have natural mico holes, it need to do anti-water treatments on surfaces to avoide pollution.